7 Secret Ways Your Money Mindset Sabotages Your Business Growth - Tierra Wilson
7 Secret Ways Your Money Mindset Sabotages Your Business Growth

7 Secret Ways Your Money Mindset Sabotages Your Business Growth

Money mindset has become the latest buzzword in entrepreneurship. There are courses, books, coaches, retreats… it’s everywhere. Like any buzzword or trend, the more popular it gets, the more diluted the meaning behind the strategy becomes. AKA people start believing is just fluff.

I’m going to be completely honest… I used to believe it was silly too. But after researching, getting certified, and learning more, my own business started to evolve. I soon implemented these new methodologies into my business coaching program, and my clients started reaching their financial goals even faster, with more clarity, and with passion.

Y’all… this stuff really works. You may be thinking you don’t need to do money mindset work, that it’s the latest buzz word, that it’s all WOO. But the truth? Money mindset isn’t just about discovering your money blocks. It’s also about all the issues that show up because of your money blocks, and how to fix those in your business so it can grow.

If the following sound familiar to you, your money mindset issues could be showing up and affecting your business growth.

1. You struggle to launch projects.

Mindset issues show up in that eBook you wrote 6 months ago that you haven’t launched because you think your writing isn’t good enough, but you haven’t hired an editor who could advise you, and you’re just sitting on it. In fact, you might have already started on another project instead of launching the first, second, or third.

2. You are addicted to busy work.

Mindset issues show up when you spend hours trying to make graphics using software you don’t understand, instead of hiring someone to make you an amazing graphic. One that you could easily have by the end of the week while you focus on growing your business.

3. You do everything the hard way.

Mindset issues show up because you still haven’t bought that tool you need to make your business run more smoothly. Instead, you do everything manually, making it impossible to scale your dream and eventually leading to business burnout.

4. You struggle making decisions.

Mindset issues cause you to second guess yourself because you don’t trust yourself or believe in yourself. You’re afraid you’ll make the wrong choices, so you don’t trust your instincts. As a result, you take forever to make decisions and refuse to get clarity in your business. You find it stressful and hard to make choices and often make them based on fear instead of logic.

5. You refuse to niche into your passion.

Money mindset issues show up when you deny yourself happiness. You may only dabble in the niche you really love that lights you up because you are too busy doing things you don’t love, keeping you comfortable. You know the trap. You waste time planning and dreaming for years, never leaping.

6. You lack confidence in your skills.

Money mindset issues show up every time you don’t believe in yourself. Because deep down you don’t expect to succeed, you lack confidence in your abilities and skills. You don’t feel as if you deserve success, so you don’t experience it.

7. You can’t seem to repeat your wins.

Money mindset issues show up when you are always shocked by your success. As a result, you assume it’s luck or a fluke and you don’t develop strategies to duplicate the success and continue growing. You keep ending up right where you started.

Sound familiar? Then you probably have money mindset issues…

If you’re slow to launch, afraid to outsource, or not buying tools that you need to properly run your business, then it’s more than likely you suffer from some form of money mindset issues.

Those hidden beliefs can cause you to react illogically to criticism, not trust other people to do anything for you (mostly because you have no idea what you want), and try to bury yourself in busywork that doesn’t matter to avoid what does matter and gets you closer to success. (Do you see a trend?)

If you’ve changed your launch timeline several times, changed direction numerous times, found a more magical niche – any excuse not to be successful in business, you need to identify the money mindset blocks you’re dealing with so that you can improve your thought process.

Only by challenging your thought process, which can be uncomfortable, can you overcome these types of mental blocks about money.

Final Thoughts

Your mindset is the way you think and believe on the daily. These “thought habits” affect how you think, what you feel, and what you attract. This is your crown.

The affirmations and reflection questions in my Fix Your Crown Journal will help you create your own definition of success, enhance your thinking, learn how to deal with the fear of failure, raise your expectations, and avoid self-sabotage.

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