7 Natural Sleep Aids to Help Entrepreneurs Get Rest & Wake Up Productive - Tierra Wilson
7 Natural Sleep Aids to Help Entrepreneurs Get Rest & Wake Up Productive

7 Natural Sleep Aids to Help Entrepreneurs Get Rest & Wake Up Productive

Not getting enough rest as an entrepreneur is the worst feeling ever. There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and feeling as though you never fully went to sleep. You know the feeling…the dragging yourself out of bed, the need to have at least 15 cups of coffee before you have enough energy to run your business…all signs that you and your body aren’t getting a peaceful rest.

Think about the last time that you felt rested when you woke up. Was it at a point in time in your life that you were relaxed, or maybe away from the stresses of the world on vacation?

If it’s been a while since that’s happened, you’re not alone. While it can be hard to determine the issue of why you aren’t enjoying a restful sleep, there can be ways to help you naturally try to get some rest.

No need for over-the-counter medicines, just good ol’ fashioned natural sleep aids. Here are 7 to try:

1) Get Some Exercise.

Sometimes exercise can be one of the best ways to help your body relax and get into your sleeping zone. Try to implement exercise into your routine a couple of times per week to see if that helps to relax your body and your mind a bit.

COACHING TIP: Make exercise a part of your morning OR evening routine, and make sure it’s something you love to do.

2) Take Melatonin.

Many people use melatonin as a way to help them try to get rest. While it isn’t for everyone, if you are interested, talk to your doctor further about the possibilities of Melatonin and how it can possibly aid you. Your doctor will be able to give you the best and most factual information about the appropriate use and effects.

COACHING TIP: Not all melatonin supplements are made the same. Be sure to get a natural and high-quality version, like these vegetarian non-GMO ones by Carlyle found HERE >>

3) Practice Meditation.

Being one with yourself and finding internal peace is a great way to try to relax and rest. Take deep breaths, go to your happy place, and take a moment to yourself several times throughout your day to relax and allow yourself to meditate.

Try this when you start your day, and before you go to sleep as well. Clear your thoughts and body of negative energy and jump into sleepville with a clear mind.

COACHING TIP: Meditation is known for keeping burnout at bay and reminding you of the importance of work/life balance. If you are struggling with meditation, and your mind won’t calm down, try an app. My favorite free meditation app is “Let’s Meditate” in the Google Play Store HERE >>

4) Sip on some tea.

Sipping some tea before bedtime can help calm you and your nerves. Many people prefer an herbal blend and there are even some companies out that there that market and produce what is referred to as a “nighttime” tea, or something along those lines. Give it a go and see if sipping on that warmth before bedtime does the trick for you and your restless nights!

COACHING TIP: Make sure that your nighttime tea doesn’t have any caffeine in it! That would defeat the purpose. There are teas made just for sleep including my favorite by Bigelow called Sweet Dreams Herbal Tea HERE >>.

5) Turn off the electronics about an hour before bed.

Something about those lights that shine out of your electronics trigger something in your brain to stay awake and active. If you have a habit of staring at your phone right before you fall asleep, it may be time to kick that habit to the curb and reprogram. About an hour before bed, pick up and book or a magazine instead to read. You may be amazed at the difference that change makes!

6) Create a bedtime routine for you.

Think of it as the same as what would be done for children. Create a routine that you do each and every night before bed. Not only does this get you into a great habit, but it triggers your brain to signal that you are preparing and starting to get ready for bed.

7) Don’t eat foods that don’t agree with you before bedtime.

Even though you may be asleep, if your body is bloated and uncomfortable or having trouble processing food, it’s going to cause you to have a restless sleep. If you are typically a later snacker, try to cut back for a week or so and see if it helps you and your body feel better and feel more rested.

Final Thoughts

Getting a good rest is essential for you to have a good day. If you find that you are in a sleeping slump, try a few of the suggestions above to see if any of them can help.

Remember that it may take a few days of being consistent to see any signs of improvement, so allow your body the time it needs to adjust accordingly. Also, getting sleep is an act of self-love and is an important part of building your Queendom and fueling your hustle.

Hopefully, you’ll be snoring your night’s away before you know it!

7 Natural Sleep Aids to Help Entrepreneurs Get Rest & Wake Up Productive

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