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17 Self-Love Tips for Home-Based Business Owners

17 Self-Love Tips for Home-Based Business Owners

Loving yourself these days, especially as a home-based business owner, almost seems like a practice in narcissism. There are just so many things to do to run your business and your home, it’s almost sacrilegious to do something for yourself.

But that’s exactly how burnout happens. That’s exactly how businesses fail. Not stopping to love yourself with every decision you make. Not realizing that this is really about freedom and happiness.

Self-love is not about massages, getting your nails done, or redecorating your home office. True self-love as an entrepreneur is about acceptance, how you feel about yourself, and by extension, others.

Here are 17 self-love tips for home-based business owners that you can incorporate into your daily hustle.

1 – Recite Positive Affirmations

Every single day when you get up, and right before you go to sleep, tell yourself positive things. It can be about your looks, your thoughts, your business, or your actions. It can be about how you want to behave tomorrow or how you behaved today by way of celebrating your success.

2 – Eat Healthy Diet

As home-based entrepreneurs we tend to grab whatever food is lying around, that’s quick and easy. The truth is that a healthy diet is an important component of self-love and acceptance. After all, if you really love yourself, you’ll provide yourself the right nutrition that you need to thrive, right?

3 – Exercise Regularly

If you run a business from home you probably sit all day. Even worse, you may be in startup mode and working around the clock from morning to night, sitting the entire time. Again, if you really love yourself, you’ll get moving every single day at least 20 to 30 minutes for a minimum of 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise to maintain your health and avoid health problems.

4- Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough fresh filtered water is also part of loving yourself enough to be healthy. When you are healthy all the way through, you’re going to make better choices and automatically feel more satisfied with life. Staying hydrated also helps with decision making, alertness, and clarity, perfect for running a home-based business.

5 – Dance During Hustle Breaks

It’s hard to be burned out, sad, or unhappy when you’re dancing. Plus, it’s a great exercise that will get your blood pumping and help you feel better about yourself. Add in dance breaks to your day! Turn the music up after you finish a task and dance wildly for one song. My favorite is Run the World (Girls) by Beyoncé.

6 – Surround Yourself with Happy People

They say that birds of a feather, flock together, and this is so true, especially for entrepreneurs. Find other businesswomen who act the way you want to act, live in the way you want to live, and who are also supportive of you and your business.

7 – Don’t Compare Yourself to Other Entrepreneurs

Don’t compare yourself with other entrepreneurs in a bad way. It’s okay to aspire to be something that is possible with hard work, but you can’t be what you’re not no matter what you do. Unfollow people online who make you feel insecure and compete against yourself every day.

8 – End Toxic Relationships Now

If you’re in a relationship that has more downsides than upsides, find a way to eliminate it or slow it down. It’s hard if it’s a relative, but if someone is dangerous to your happiness and success, it’s time to separate yourself from them. You can always love them from afar.

9 – Celebrate Your Big and Small Business Wins

When you succeed in business, celebrate it no matter how small. It’s not pride nor arrogance to talk about doing an excellent job on something. If you set a goal and made it, take time out to celebrate it and talk about it. This practice also tells the Universe what makes you happy and attracts more abundance to you.

10 – Get Comfortable with Discomfort

Sometimes, you have to be a little uncomfortable to experience a great change in life and business. If you really want to be successful, let yourself feel uncomfortable as long as it’s within your principles, morals, or values.

11 – Meditate Daily for 15-Minutes

Take time every day to be quiet and just clear your mind. You can use meditation, prayer, or just silence to accomplish this goal. It will help you more than you know to shut out the world once a day for even ten minutes a day.

12 – Get Back to Nature

As often as you can get into nature in order to feed your body vitamin D, your lungs fresh air, and give your mind the beauty of nature. Studies show that humans always feel better when they are grounded to nature at least once a day or as often as humanly possible.

13 – Don’t Give Up Your Hobbies

If you have something that interests outside of your business, go ahead and permit yourself to study your passions. If you aren’t sure, go out and try different things. You can’t know what you like without experiencing different things.

14 – Treat Yourself With Kindness

Not only should you seek to be kind to others but also to yourself. For example, if you are struggling with a problem in your business, it’s not kind to beat yourself up about it. Instead, add some time on the schedule to get help or take a class.

15 – Practice Empathy

Putting yourself into someone else’s shoes and feeling what they might be feeling can be hard if you haven’t had the experience. But you can practice by truly listening to others (especially your customers, partners, and team members) talk about their experiences. Emotional intelligence is a top trait for any entrepreneurs, if you are struggling read more books and expose yourself to more people.

16- Be Grateful

Take out time each day to be grateful for whatever is good in your life and business right now. Even if nothing is perfect, it never will be, you can recognize what is good and right for now.

17 – Practice Radical Forgiveness

Not only should you forgive yourself for doing wrong if you are learning from it and changing, but you should do that for others and take it one step further and forgive those who have wronged you in business, who you don’t even talk to. Forgiveness as an entrepreneur doesn’t mean letting people keep hurting you, but it does mean to let go of trying to fix it so that you can move on.

Final Thoughts

Self-love and acceptance don’t actually mean that you become selfish and greedy while stepping on others. No, self-love and acceptance are about acting with kindness to yourself and others to advance your overall life mission and to avoid burnout.

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