10 Luxurious Home Office Splurges for Woman Entrepreneurs (Treat Yo' Self!) - Tierra Wilson
10 Luxurious Home Office Splurges for Woman Entrepreneurs

10 Luxurious Home Office Splurges for Woman Entrepreneurs (Treat Yo’ Self!)

I remember when I first started working from home. I would work anywhere around my small apartment…. on the couch, in the bed, in the kitchen, etc. Back then, I didn’t have the space to have my own office. My lap was my literal desk and a notebook was my saving grace.

When I finally moved into my home, the first thing I started to decorate was my office. My hard work is what got me here, so I was determined to treat work with the respect and luxury it deserved. I remember creating a Pinterest board of what my office should look like and going from home decor store to store handpicking every single piece (actual images of my shopping trip below).

The truth is this. Being an entrepreneur has its ups and downs, it’s hard work, and you spend HOURS of your life working towards your dream. You deserve a beautiful place to do that.

You deserve to have a place where you can walk in and feel calm, motivated, and excited to get to work. You deserve a home office that is a retreat. One that is best for your space and your mentality while you focus on your hustle.

If you need a few ideas for home office luxuries to help you build your Queendom, I got you. Here are some suggestions to help get you started.

#1 – Gorgeous Chandelier

There’s nothing that feels as luxurious as looking up while working and seeing a beautiful chandelier hanging. It’s a great way to get inspired, take a pause and think, and just feel like you are embodying the successful boss you are working so hard to be. When choosing you a chandelier you can go modern and creative, simple and traditional, or eclectic and rustic.

#2 Super Comfy Home Office Chair…. aka Throne

If you are going to be spending the majority of your workdays in your home office, then you need a super comfy home office chair that you can sit in and be most productive. Not only should you find one that offers great support and fits well with the shape of your body, but one that also looks and feels fabulous, like this velvet tufted upholstered one or this studded high back one.

#3 – Soothing Essential Oil Diffuser

As a business owner, you put in time, energy, and money to grow something amazing. But, regardless of how much you love what you do, there will always be times when you are feeling really stressed and in need of something to help calm you down. One of my favorite tools to combat this is using essential oils. Smells can literally change your mood, help you be more productive, and combat stress. And the best way to quickly get in on that action is by adding essential oils to a humidifier/diffuser. You can do this in style too! There are so many options like this popular ceramic stone diffuser (pictured above), this high tech diffuser, this earthy and natural one, and this decorative one.

#4 – Easy To Access Luxury Coffee Bar

A lady boss needs her coffee! If you love coffee or tea, add a luxury corner to your office and create your own coffee bar. A coffee bar is simply a corner in your office with a bar cart, coffee maker, coffee mugs, creamer, sugar, and other coffee accessories. It can be a beautiful part of your morning routine: wake up, make some coffee or tea, find a corner in your office to curl up to recite some success affirmations, journal, or schedule out your day. The most important part is finding the dresser or, my preference, a bar cart! A few of my favorites include this one with 2 Mirrored Shelves, this chic white and gold folding one, and for smaller offices this cute all gold glam one.

#5 – Large & Bold Statement Rug

No office is complete without the statement rug! This is where you can let your personality shine in a bold yet simple way. Animal print, sparkles, furry, or classic, whatever your style there are no rules here. Statement rugs bring a touch of luxury by giving your entire office a finished and elegant look. Bohemian chic rugs are my favorite, like this one by Safavieh Madison or you can never go wrong with a good faux fur rug like this one.

#6 – Stylish Desk Accessories

To say I’m obsessed with desk accessories is an understatement. There is nothing like having matching or an eclectic collection of cohesive desk pieces that match your office and your personality. Walking into an office that’s put together inspires creativity and passion. I’m a fan of matching desk accessories, like a modern vibe set (pictured above) or you can go more stylish like this gold and acrylic set.

#7 – Flat-screen Smart TV

One of my favorite things to have in my office is a flat-screen smart TV. Not to watch TV or get distracted from work, but to stream music, watch relaxing ASMR youtube videos while work, take educational courses, cast my laptop screen, and jump on zoom meetings. If you like to have a larger screen to watch work-related stuff, or you like to have noise in the background while you are working, a TV in your office is a nice luxury splurge. I suggest this 50-inch Samsung TV, I have this one in my office and it has Alexa built-in.

#8 – Unique Statement Wall

Do you create video content on social media? Either recorded or live? If so, a signature statement wall allows you to have consistent branding on all your video content, so others know instantly when they see a video that it’s YOUR content. Plus, it’s a beautiful accent to add to your home office. You can fill it with your favorite things, art that inspires you, or a bookshelf full of your books. No matter how you decorate, the foundation of the wall is a signature paint color or a wall decal that serves as the main focal point.

#9 – High-Quality Ballpoint Pens

Now, I know that pens may seem like just pens to you…but when you find that perfect pen that writes just like a dream…you have to hold on to that pen and order more! Physically writing down lists, goals, or journalling is such an important part of understanding and growing your business. If you spend a ton of your day writing, try these 14k gold beauties, these inspirational lady boss pens, or this traditional executive pen set.

#10 – Faux Leather Notebooks

Lastly, my favorite thing to collect is notebooks. Buying a good quality luxury notebook is a small but meaningful way to treat yourself in business. You can use notebooks in your business to journal, jot down ideas, dream big, and manifest major life milestones. My favorite journal that I personally keep buying over and over is this high-end luxury ruled journal, or you can try this hardcover leather sewn notebook, or this luxury notebook and pen set.

Final Thoughts

Creating a home office that is full of the items that you love is a key part of self-care. This isn’t about buying material things, it’s about setting up your office to exude the energy and emotion that motivates you to be your best self. Write down what items you use most, what items that you think would help you actually become more efficient, and then make a plan to start investing in unique and luxurious items for your home office. The sooner you can get your home office decorated exactly how you want it, the sooner you can feel that you’ll be as productive in your workday that you can possibly be!

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