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Why Every Entrepreneur Should Consider Hiring a Success Coach

James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, shared a graphic on Instagram that lit a fire in my brain. It was called “Motivation Needed to Perform a Habit.”

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If you were to map out the motivation needed to perform a habit, you would find that for many behaviors it looks like this. In other words, the most difficult part of a new habit is starting the behavior. It takes a lot of motivation to head to the gym for a workout after an exhausting day at work, but once you actually begin the workout it doesn’t take much willpower to finish it. For this reason, one of the best things you can do for building a new behavior is to start with a remarkably small habit. New habits should be non-threatening. Start with a behavior that is so small it seems easy and reasonable to do it each day. Want to do 50 pushups per day? Start with something easy like 5 or 10. Wish you would read more books? Start by reading two pages every night. Want to finally start meditating? Meditate for one minute each morning. After a month, you can move up to two minutes.

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This part of the caption spoke to me: 

“…the most difficult part of a new habit is starting the behavior. It takes a lot of motivation to head to the gym for a workout after an exhausting day at work, but once you actually begin the workout it doesn’t take much willpower to finish it.”

It was the ideal example of why a success coach just may be one of the most powerful types of coaches you could hire as an entrepreneur. 

Whether it’s a habit, a marketing strategy, or a product launch… most entrepreneurs know what they need to do, they know how to do it, they just need that initial push to step fully into their ideas so they can create. 

That first step is the hardest and so important, and that first step is all about mindset.

I remember back in the day, before I understood the psychology of our brains and the science around reality, I used to think that mindset was just confidence. I now know that it is so much more than that. It’s a muscle and a habit that has to be trained daily just like any other habit.

But it makes sense that confidence doesn’t necessarily equal success. Think for a second… you probably know that confident person in your life with nothing to really show for it. 

They show-up loud and bold like a force to be reckoned with. But deep down, especially if you know them personally, you know it’s all show. 

  • They are struggling with life, bouncing from one thing to another. 
  • They are struggling financially. 
  • They say they have what it takes to succeed, but deep down their minds don’t think they really do, they go with the fake it til you make it method and ACT like they have what it takes. 

But fake it til you make it only lasts so far. At some point, you have to believe that you are capable of success and have zero doubt that you are on that path and journey to it. 

Because one thing is true… our thoughts create our reality. It’s how the world works and it’s no longer woo. It’s a proven fact. Your reality is based on what you believe. 

You may be tempted to hire a coach to help you with something specific as an entrepreneur, like sales, or marketing, but ask yourself something. 

Deep down, do you already know what you need to do and how you need to do it? Does your mind seem to self-sabotage your progress towards success?

As a strategic business coach, I started offering success coaching separately because I quickly realized something.

The majority of the women entrepreneurs I speak to already know exactly what they want. They know how to get it. They know what they need. They just need clarity, permission, and a set of mental tools to get them there. 

That’s all a success coach does. They remind us that success is 80% mindset.

They remind us that hustling harder is NOT the way to go. 

A success coaches job is to understand where you are right now and where you want to be, and use success mindset tools (like the Law of Attraction, Psychology, and Science) to help you get out of your own way, raise your vibration, and empower your success in life and business.

So if you know what you want to do and how you want to do it, but you are stuck, and: 

  • You’ve tried the Law of Attraction before and it just didn’t quite work,
  • You’re an entrepreneur (or you want to be) and you are ready to get out of your own way,
  • You want to be and feel happy and optimistic,
  • You want to cultivate fabulous, feel-good relationships in your life and your business,
  • You’re ready to create a thriving business that supports the lifestyle you want to live,
  • You want to see your brilliant ideas manifest and you want your creativity to flow,
  • You’re ready to prosper in business and truly love what you do,
  • You want to find solutions faster and you want to master a subject, ability, or skill that’s been calling you, and 
  • You know that there is something bigger out there pulling you towards your destiny, but you don’t exactly know how to answer it’s call…

…then a success coach just might be the right type of coach for you. 

I’m Tierra, a Certified Success and Business Coach. 

I help heart-centered entrepreneurs get out of their own way, raise their vibration, and allow their success in life and business using the Law of Attraction & Psychology in my program, Empower Your Success.

I’d LOVE to help you find and follow your OWN unique and personal path to joy and success on YOUR terms, without working harder.

By Tierra Wilson

I’m Tierra Wilson, a certified master business and success coach, content expert, and advisory board member for Google Small Business and GoDaddy.

As seen in Fox, ABC, Real Simple, and Phoenix Magazine, I currently provide coaching for entrepreneurs through Fearlessy Focused, my signature accelerated coaching program that combines psychology, success mindset, and proven business strategies to help you get focused and level up.

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