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4 Universal Science-Backed Business Truths

It’s true what they say… business success is 80% mindset and 20% action. Entrepreneurs that dive into business strategy without doing business mindset work first, consistently miss reaching their goals. 

I’m not talking about meditation, affirmations, or cutting out magazine images to post on a bulletin board. I’m talking about a real scientific approach to visualizing your business.

In 2011 I made a mindset shift that changed my life and gave me a sense of clarity and focus. From there I reached more goals than I ever thought I would achieve. 

  • I started a successful branding and web design studio
  • I signed consulting clients like MyFitnessPal, USPS, and Under Armour
  • I worked with and learned from some of the most amazing women in marketing
  • I hit the high 5 figures per month, every month, in my business.
  • I moved from a 2 bedroom apartment into a new two story house in a golf course community.

And no, the vision board didn’t do anything magical, but what it did do was help me visualize my purpose 5 years into the future and allowed me to create strategies and get clear on my audience and my purpose.

In 2019 I decided I wanted to do it again. I wanted to shift my business focus, start over again, and duplicate those same results, so I paused all client work and I began to study Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction, using it to map out my new business venture, and to manifest a business partner to go on this journey with me.

By January 2020, Lovely Impact was in the works (learn more about our business pivot story here).

I’m proof this works, and it’s not a fluke. It can be repeated over and over again.

People wonder why I am so calm about business and sales and profit? It’s because I know that business is 80% mindset and 20% action.

I know that there are a few science-backed universal truths that you can specifically apply to your business to transform your life and your business, allowing you to strategically gut check everything including your signature services, website copy, branding, and more. 

Let’s dive in.


Truth # 1 – Your business is shaped by your thoughts.

Your business started out as an idea in your head. That you imagined and dreamed. Your dreams then turned into actions, which turned into a reality.

Entrepreneurs are the ultimate creators you know! Pause and look around you. Your desk, bed, coffee mug, house? All of it… started in someone’s head as an idea.

It all begins with one single thought.

Scientists even believe that the dark matter you see in every picture of space is actually consciousness. Our Divine Source. God. That very thing that has shaped universes, worlds, and YOU. It is always expanding and creating and flowing through each of us.

They are also realizing that we may have a direct connection to that Source and the power to create and shape our reality. This is no longer hearsay, but is being studied in depth by colleges and research centers around the world.

But sadly, for many entrepreneurs, once a thought becomes reality, we stop dreaming and visualizing and instead fixate on the struggle and the hustle. 

But what if you kept dreaming after birthing an idea?

What if you dreamed and visualized:

  • Monthly financial statements?
  • Sales and marketing goals?
  • Social media engagement?
  • Attracting superstar employees?
  • Becoming a badass multi-millionaire?

If your business is shaped by your thoughts, you should never stop dreaming. 

Journal, create vision boards, imagine endless possibilities.

Dream big.

Truth #2 – Without a vision, it doesn’t exist… literally.

One of the most fascinating (and mind boggling) parts of Quantum Physics is the Double Slit Experiment.

Now, I’m not a Physicist… but I’ll try to explain this the best way possible without messing it up.

Basically Physicists created a test that proved that reality is made up of multiple probabilities, until it is observed. And once observed by an observer (you), a final path is chosen.

Basically, until you observe it (literally the Moon, your couch, your business, etc), it can be in multiple locations at once and/or cease to exist. Your observation of it causes it to exist in a specific location at a specific time.

Now a quick warning. This experiment could take you down the rabbit hole quickly, but before you start Googling, let’s apply this to your business. 

Your journey as an entrepreneur can take you on infinite paths that lead to infinite destinations.

Without a vision, you are leaving your journey up to other influencers. Influences like the economy, or an employee, or your competitors.

It’s the vision that you have for your business that starts your journey and chooses your destination.

It’s up to you to choose the path you want to take, and you can’t do that without seeing it.

Truth #3 – Fear of the unknown will bleed you dry.

In the grand scheme of things, the real fear entrepreneurs have about their businesses is the fear of the unknown.

Will I get clients? Will I help transform lives? Will I hit 6 figures in business? 7 figures in business? Will I support myself and my family?

Not knowing those things, can lead you down a fearful road full of anxiety fast.

Visualizations help with that. So much so that the most elite team on earth, the Navy Seals, use a visualization strategy to help cadets pass physical and mental tests.

They call it The Big Four:

1. Goal Setting

2. Mental Rehearsal & Visualization

3. Positive Self Talk 

4. Arousal Control (Breathing with long exhales)

This works because our minds don’t know the difference between something we have done and something we’ve visualized. 

The Navy Seal method subconsciously helps manage feelings of fear and anxiety allowing you to easily overcome limiting thoughts and beliefs and step into your vision with ease and grace. 

So if you fear the unknown do this: set a goal, visualize it, speak as if it is so, and manage the stress on the way through breathing.

Truth #4 – Visualizing Helps You Show Up

We talked about vision, fear, even Quantum Physics, but none of that matters without massive action.

80% mindset and 20% action… remember?

As a business owner, you need to show up and promote yourself daily.

In today’s digital world, it’s impossible to not show your face if you want to build something that lasts. Big visions equal massive action.

You should be creating transformational content, creating video trainings, doing speaking engagements, and networking.

These activities take skill and take time to master, but by simply visualizing (see the Big Four strategy above) and taking small consistent action steps daily, you could grow your business exponentially.

This is why athletes always practice visualization before events, practices, and games. When we visualize ourselves doing the things we have to do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, the same region of the brain is stimulated as if we were actually doing it.

For example, if doing video seems paralyzing to you, and you think you can’t do it, spend time visualizing yourself behind a camera over and over again. Repeating the visualization in a calm setting has been proven to change your mindset and begin to override the limiting belief. 

This can speed up the mastery of certain skills and help us show up daily for ourselves and our businesses. 


We’ve worked with everyone from small businesses, to large brands, from solopreneurs to executives, and we know for a fact that most people fail because they have a plan that even they don’t believe in. 

It’s spooky actually, how many business owners google stuff and follow what they see in blogs and what experts say in courses… and to be honest… they really don’t believe it’s going to work. 

That’s why plans without visions fail.

That’s why most businesses don’t last past 5 years, and that’s why entrepreneurs are afraid to establish themselves in their industries. 

The fear of failure and they fear looking like a failure. 

Taking the time to pause hustle culture, and to visualize your life and your business 1, 3, 5, 10, and 20 years into the future.

This will not only give you clarity but help you actually believe in the plan that you are creating.

I encourage you to put time aside weekly to really dream about what’s possible for your business.

Because the really hard work starts from then on out of doing the work, setting goals, planning strategies, and pushing yourself past your limitations to get stuff done.

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By Tierra Wilson

I’m Tierra Wilson, a certified master business and success coach, content expert, and advisory board member for Google Small Business and GoDaddy.

As seen in Fox, ABC, Real Simple, and Phoenix Magazine, I currently provide coaching for entrepreneurs through Fearlessy Focused, my signature accelerated coaching program that combines psychology, success mindset, and proven business strategies to help you get focused and level up.

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