Empower Your Success Law of Attraction Program for Entrepreneurs


Get out of your own way, raise your vibration, and empower your success in life and business using the Law of Attraction & Psychology. ✨

Are you ready to use the Law of Attraction to transform your life and your business?

Are you ready to get out of your own way and allow abundance to flow with greater joy and ease?

Are you ready to find and follow your OWN unique and personal path to joy and success on YOUR terms?

Are you ready to experience more positive and rewarding interactions with your customers, partners, contractors, employees, and personal relationships?


for entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs

A powerful, delicious, and magical 1-on-1 coaching program that combines the Law of Attraction, Psychology, and manifesting tools to help you thrive in your business and your life.

I want to get empowered!

Certified Master Business Coach

Board at Google & GoDaddy

As Seen In Business Trends, Real Simple, Fox, ABC, Phoenix Magazine, Self, Time, Buzzfeed

Hi, I’m Tierra.
I’m a Certified Business & Success Coach. 

I have over 16 years of experience in developing and implementing winning marketing strategies for Fortune 500 brands, startups, and small businesses.

But it wasn’t always like that. 👀

I was broke, defeated, trying too hard, and living in a 2 bedroom apartment with a family of five. 

A year later I was in a beautiful 2-story home on a golf course community, I had multiple streams of income, and I was putting names like Google, GoDaddy, UnderArmour, MyFitnessPal, USPS, Hewlett Packard and more on my resume. 🙌🏼

What was the shift?

Once I hit rock bottom I had no choice but to put all my focus on raising my vibration, setting universal intentions, and focusing on the Law of Attraction. 

I thought this was all a bunch of woo at first, but I had no choice.

I decided to break through my skepticism and look at the science.

The evidence was mind-blowing, 🤯 and no one knew about it.

I started combining psychology with clear and focused action every single day, and in less than a year my entire life completely changed. 

I am my biggest success story. And now it’s your turn. 

Empower Your Success is my signature 1-on-1 success program for entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs.

I’ll help you delve into what the Law of Attraction (LOA) REALLY is, how it actually works, and how to master this power to transform your life and your business.

work with me if:


You’ve tried the Law of Attraction before and it just didn’t quite work.

You’re an entrepreneur (or you want to be) and you are ready to get out of your own way

You want to be and feel happy and optimistic.

You want to cultivate fabulous, feel-good relationships in your life and your business

You’re ready to create a thriving practice that supports the lifestyle you want to live.

You want to see your brilliant ideas manifest and you want your creativity to flow.

You want to inhabit your ideal dream home and/or office

You’re ready to prosper in a business you truly love what you do.

You want to find solutions faster and you want to master a subject, ability, or skill that’s been calling you.

You know that there is something bigger out there pulling you towards your destiny, but you don’t exactly know how to answer it’s call.

if that’s you, i’ll help you:


Discover the truth about LOA and understand it’s common misconceptions & misperceptions.

Understand the “secret” players that greatly influence how the Law of Attraction responds.

Identify if you are moving toward or away from what you truly want AND SHIFT GEARS when you’re heading in a direction you DON’T like.

Know when to take action, when to chill, when to visualize and set intentions, and when to just BE.

Discover why EMPOWERING (AKA LETTING good happen) is this Real Secret of manifestation, and how to find and follow your OWN unique and personal path to joy and success on YOUR terms.

Quiet a runaway mind, allow ideas to flow and experience greater clarity, focus, and excellence.

Allow abundance to flow with greater joy and ease.

Cultivate greater self-love, confidence, and trust in yourself and in life and business.

Lessen and neutralize negative influences from the dreaded “them”.

Use the power of your words, affirmations, and music in the most effective way.

Create greater excitement, joy, and fun in your day-to-day life and business.

Discover the exact tools and strategies I used to make the Law of Attraction my BFF and how I EMPOWER success in EVERY area of life.

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The Law of Attraction is not a woo-fad-of-the-week phase that will fade away when the next spiritual well-being trend pops up, it is the LAW that has, is, and always will govern every particle (and non-particle) in the universe.

It IS the true “cause and effect” that many have been searching for but few have truly understood.

(4) Empowering Success Modules

During the first month you’ll listen to four in-depth audio trainings that walk you through the foundations and the lesser-known aspects of Law of Attraction & Empowering, plus how to use this to your greatest advantage.


I’ll walk you through what the LOA (Law Of Attraction) actually is, how it truly works, how you establish your POA (Point Of Attraction), and what you DO have the power to change in order to attract and allow more of the good stuff!

We’ll also delve into deeper and lesser-known points about the Law of Attraction and I’ll introduce you to another aspect of YOU and how it can impact your Point of Attraction.


I’ll show you the magic of “allowing”, why it matters, and why creating a good REP (Repeating Emotional Pattern) is essential for LETTING good stuff happen.

We’ll also talk more about the nature and importance of your inner compass, and why and when to chill.


I’ll help you understand the psychology of human potential, and specifically how research has proven the law of attraction.

We’ll dig deep into how psychology, science and the Law of Attraction intersect and overlap, and what parts of your brain are responsible for your awesome ability to FOCUS.

Plus why affirmations, thoughts, and emotions are the keys to getting the most out of your life and business. 


During our last orientation call I’ll walk you through the different manifestation strategies.

You’ll learn about affirmations (and how they rewire the brain) and how to kick them up a notch!

You’ll understand why visualizing works, and why the brain doesn’t know it’s imaginary.

We’ll dig into positive thinking and why it’s proven to increase happiness.

We’ll learn why we need negative emotions (like fight-or-flight) and why our stress is the only thing we have to fear.

And the science behind contagious emotions and how to minimize the negative influence of others.

(1) Monthly 90-Minute 1:1 Coaching Calls

We’ll meet once a month in person via video for up to 90 minutes. During this time we’ll start with a powerful intention to set a precedent for clarity, focus, and excellence so that our time is extremely productive and effective.

We’ll also establish a success mindset by acknowledging the celebrating the success and good stuff you have already attracted and allowed and I’ll address any questions you may have about your business and your life.

Every month you’ll choose one of my “Empowering Success Tools”, the one feels best to you and you’ll work with it for the next 30 days.

You’ll create and set a powerful intention for the next 30 days that we will focus on together, setting the wheels of success in motion!

(3) 30-Min Weekly 1:1 Intention Calls

Three times a month we will meet for up to 30 minutes (via phone) to set powerful intentions that make sure your month is full of clarity, focus, and excellence.

We’ll acknowledge your “Magnificent 7,” your top 7 successes that week and we’ll practice positive, solution-focused conversation to feed a habit of success orientation and empowering more awesome manifestations. 

Lastly, we’ll close with a powerful intention to set the wheels of success in motion!

This video introduces you to another very important player that is designed to help you move onward, upward, and forward to realizing your dreams and truly mastering life!



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